Wisdom teeth removal is a very common procedure performed by an oral surgeon during which one or more of your third molars are surgically removed. Many patients have their wisdom teeth removed in their mid-to-late teens, while others wait until their 20s or even 30s. We typically recommend removing wisdom teeth before the root is fully formed in order to reduce complications and decrease recovery time. However, each case is unique, and your general dentist will often advise you regarding the right time for you to have the procedure.

The oral surgeons at The Dental Specialists have performed hundreds of wisdom teeth removal procedures for patients of all ages throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. We understand how to address your concerns and how to provide you with the resources you'll need to recover quickly so you can resume normal activity. From helping you choose the right anesthesia to walking you through each stage of the procedure, we're committed to making you feel comfortable and confident from the moment you walk into our office.

Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The short answer is that our jaws simply aren't big enough to accommodate a third set of molars. The most common explanation for this is because our modern diets are low in Vitamin K and consist of many soft foods that are void of many nutrients. These factors have affected proper jaw development, leaving us without enough space for all 32 of our teeth to come in properly.

Diet alone doesn't guarantee whether or not you'll need your wisdom teeth removed. Even though it seems like everyone does have them removed these days, there are many people who don't for a variety of reasons. Some individuals do have enough room in their mouth for all 32 teeth. A small percentage of people are born without wisdom teeth. Others have wisdom teeth that never erupt, making them think they don't need to have them removed. In most cases, it's advisable to have unerupted teeth removed because of increased risks of cancer in the epithelial lining around the wisdom teeth. Regardless of your situation, only your dentist and oral surgeon can determine when and if you should have your wisdom teeth removed.

If your dentist has recommended wisdom teeth removal, contact the oral surgeons at The Dental Specialists to set up your appointment today.