We are committed to providing our patients with convenient access to high-quality specialty dental care. Our practices are equipped with the latest technological advances in dentistry to make your treatment more successful.

As a standard, our practices use digital radiography (digital X-rays). Using a small sensor that creates a computer-generated image of your mouth within 30 seconds, our digital X-rays are faster, safer, and more environmentally friendly than traditional dental film. With the ability to enhance and enlarge digital X-rays, our doctors can get a comprehensive picture of your oral health to ensure you get the most effective treatment possible.

At our Dental Implant Center, we use advanced 3D imaging and the nSequence surgical technique to determine the best placement for implants. We use this approach because it has proven more efficient and more comfortable for patients with a higher rate of success than X-rays alone.

Our team of doctors is always on the lookout for new technology that’s proven to help patients get high-quality care. We invest in technology because we want to invest in your oral health.

Contact us today for specialty dental care that’s backed by advanced technology and delivered by experienced specialists who care.