Patient Testimonials

"I need you to know that I think the service you provide is superior. All of you are so wonderful and treat your patients with unsurpassed customer service and warmth."
– Muriel

"My visits to your clinic were warm and friendly experiences. Typically going to the dentist does not conjure up fun times, but you have certainly made that an exception for me."
– Dean P.

"Thank you for your time and efforts to make me feel calm and comfortable before treatment."
– Ross J.

"You and your assistants have a great rapport. You really enjoy working together and helping patients."
– Kathleen W.

"Thank you for excellent care. My son was playing baseball one hour after his emergency procedure! When any of our friends' children need treatment, we'll send them to your office."
– Peggy S.

"You explain things very well, you have a caring attitude, and you don't rush your patients. I highly recommend this practice."
– Barbara W.

"I wanted to let you know that D. Cary McNeil did an amazing job on redoing my Prosthodontic dental work. Dr. Grady did my Prosthodontic care in the middle 90's and I thought then he was the best. D. Cary McNeil is one of the kindest, gentle compassionate people I know as far as the medical field. He is very professional in the work he does. He gave me back the smile that I have not had for a long time. I will have to say that D. Cary McNeil follows in the steps of my past dentist in the work that he did. I consider myself very blessed to have been his patient. God Bless."
– Maureen P.